About Cade

A short list of our services and how Cade was created

Why Cade was made

When I was looking to make a website for a business I had, I noticed that there were lots of choices in website designers to chose from. What I noticed about all of them was that almost all of them had only monthly or yearly fees with crazily high costs. No one I could find offered one time fees and a service I was happy with. I wouldn't mind hosting it myself but I just couldn't find the options out there.

Realising this, I decided that I would make a website builder that was simple to use, and had no monthly fees. I wanted to make the web accessible to anyone, no matter how much money they had to spend. So I formed two plans, For Individuals and For Businesses in an attempt to make it so that anyone could have a website fit for them, without having to break the bank.

- Connor Jarrett, Founder

Who's Cade for?

At the moment, Cade has two target audiences, Individuals and Small Businesses. Individuals can use the service for free, with the exception that they do not get a download of their site, and they far considerably less customisation options. Small Businesses can create and download their page and receive much more customisation options.

Who made Cade

Cade was made entirely by teenage British Web Developer, Connor Jarrett You can visit his web portfolio at https://connorjarrett.com or find him online @ConnorJrt